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Immediate Vacancy Available

Posted by Creative
Creative was set up in 1997 by Managing Director, Antony Neilson to provide a 'o
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on Friday, 15 November 2013
in Property Maintenance

Urgently required for immediate start -

Full Time property maintenance operatives to work throughout Wiltshire, Hampshire, Somerset and Dorset - Must have a minimum of 2 years experience and full driving license - Company Van provided along with good rates of pay and 28 days holiday. Contact us today on 01793 826307


Top tips for a successful office refurbishment: Things to consider

Posted by Creative
Creative was set up in 1997 by Managing Director, Antony Neilson to provide a 'o
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on Tuesday, 21 May 2013
in Creative News

There are several things to consider when going through an office refurbishment. Though the idea seems simple, the actual process is not always so, and that’s why you need to keep certain things in mind:

  1. Design for your business – Simple as this may seem, some tend to forget this in one way or another as the refurbishment commences. In office refurbishment you must always keep your business in mind by asking yourself if the design:
    - Reflects what the business is all about
    - Accommodates the size and shape of your office
    - Accommodates the current number of employees or your planned number of employees for the future
    - Follows regulations
    - Fits within the budget
    - Caters to the needs of staff members
  2. Design for the future – As much as your workspace needs to reflect what your business is currently about, it also needs to easily adapt to future changes that could occur at any moment. Designing your space in this way also makes your company appear more innovative and future-oriented to clients and employees.
  3. Choose one person-in-charge – Have only one person in charge of the entire refurbishment project. Office refurbishment may seem like a daunting task for only one person to handle, but having only one person in charge will help avoid misunderstandings and conflicting opinions and decisions. On the flipside, it will also be easy for people to put the blame on this one person when things go wrong. With this possibility, you’ll need to choose a person who is responsible, experienced, highly-organised and a great communicator. This person should also be a skilled motivator and multi-tasker who knows the business well and can stay within budget and schedule.
  4. Involve everyone – Just because there’s only one person in charge of the entire refurbishment operation does not mean everybody else just stands by to watch. Everybody needs to contribute in their own way. Managing directors have the responsibility of approving designs and costs; financial directors set the budget; office managers can supply valuable input on what the staff really want and need from their office; while operations directors  can ensure that it’s business as usual while the refurbishment is going on.
  5. Communicate with all stakeholders – Make sure to inform all stakeholders of the changes that will be happening and how these will affect them. Stakeholders include staff, board members, department heads, unions and others. You also need to talk to your landlord, and ask for consent for any changes.
  6. Get a quote for everything – This will help you avoid hidden costs. Also, make sure you take note of everything you’ll need to spend for so you’ll be able to determine exactly how big or small your budget ought to be.
  7. Be insured – Insurance is pivotal for the security of the company and everyone involved in the project.
  8. Prioritise health and safety – In the design as well as in the refurbishment process, always put the safety of your contractors and staff first.
  9. Choose furniture carefully – The furniture you place inside your office are just as important as the office structure that houses them. To ensure that your furniture give you maximum value and reflect a positive image for your company, it’s best to purchase them brand new.

Top tips for a successful office refurbishment: Why refurbish?

Posted by Creative
Creative was set up in 1997 by Managing Director, Antony Neilson to provide a 'o
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on Tuesday, 21 May 2013
in Creative News

Thinking of refurbishing your office? If morale has been down, space has been lacking and clutter has been increasing, then it’s about time you did! Office refurbishment brings with it plenty of advantages, and can be the solution to many common workplace problems.

Why refurbish?

Refurbishing can possibly cost a lot, but it’s a worthy investment when you consider the benefits:

  1. Increased employee output – Perhaps the biggest benefit to office refurbishment is the boost it can give to employee output. How is this possible? Better working conditions can actually improve employee output efficiency. When employees feel comfortable and good about their environment they work better. So each employee should have enough elbow room in their office to feel comfortable and be productive.
  2. Efficient use of space – If you’ve long been boggled about where to put that new filing cabinet, then office refurbishment may be your only solution. Office refurbishment helps you make use of your office space efficiently so all your office needs are met without cluttering up the space.
  3. Establishment of a good company image – These days, image is everything especially for large companies and growing businesses. When establishing an image first impressions matter, and part of that first impression is the appearance of your office. If your office looks cramped and cluttered, imagine what your clients will think of your operations. This is where office refurbishment becomes crucial.
  4. Security, health and safety – Old offices can be unsafe and unsecure. To avoid hazardous situations and unwanted legal actions, you’ll need to refurbish old office areas.
  5. Going green – Opting for more environmentally-friendly architecture, technology and processes in your office refurbishment not only helps the environment, it also boosts morale and attracts clients.

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